Fertile Faith

Hello Spring! I waited so long to get to take these kinds of pictures! Meaning, I struggled with infertility for what seemed like a full lifetime. In reality, it was just short of 9 years. But for all of the challenges I went through, it may as well have been several lifetimes. I’m so grateful that God brought Brown Fertility into my life. Dr. Cabrera, and the team, were compassionate, honest, and encouraging. Without their team of caring professionals, I would still be suffering. I would probably have had a hysterectomy by now. I would not know this joy that I now have. The IVF journey is hard. So many times, I just wanted to give up. There was obstacle, after obstacle. Procedure, after procedure. Injection after injection after injection. I know how hard it is! If I had given in to fear of what could go wrong, or fear of another miscarriage, or fear of the pain, I would not know this joy I have today. How did I manage to do it? Joshua 1:9 reads “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” I took God at his word. I trusted that He would be with me during each procedure, surgery, and injection. I trusted that He would be with me, not only in the geographical places I would go, but the emotional destinations as well. The dark, desperate places, the embarrassing places, the places where I would agonize over whether this was going to all work out or not. I simultaneously feared the emotional pain that awaited me if I came through the journey unsuccessfully, and trusted that God was big enough to see me through the pain if that were to be my ending. Bravery doesn’t exist where there is no fear, and I was terrified! But that only made my courage that much stronger! Because I knew that my God was infinitely bigger than anything I could imagine, good or bad. In the end (which is really just the beginning!) my husband and I were rewarded with a son. We are forever grateful! I don’t know if this will reach anyone, but I hope and pray that God uses my story to encourage someone! To Him be the glory for my victory! ! All thanks to Him, always, for His faithfulness. If you, or someone you know, are struggling with infertility, I want to encourage you to turn to the Lord, knowing He will be faithful to be with you! And speak to a trusted expert in the field, like my heroes at Brown Fertility. Check them out at www.brownfertility.com.

1 thought on “Fertile Faith”

  1. Wow Ash, Well said. Watching you go through all the struggles, procedures and disappointments was tough but, watching you stand firm and trusting God was a testament to your faith. You stood, believed Gods word and prayed! I am truly blessed by you and your faith!

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