Worth It!

3 years ago! We took this European tour in the middle of our second round of IVF. We were soooo stressed out, and this escape was such a huge blessing! We took the trip just days after the fertility doctor had harvested my eggs, and I was still sore, and swollen. It’s strange to think that my sweet little Adam, whom I would soon become pregnant with, was a tiny little popsicle, in a sterile tube, on the other side of the world! (Modern technology is so cool!) When we came home, we had to go through another surgery (which failed), and through another bout of daily injections for a couple of months! But what a reward we received in the end! I just want to encourage all the couples that are going through IVF, other fertility treatments, or even adoption. The process is so long, and uncertain. It seems like it may never end. You often feel like giving up because of the emotional, and physical exhaustion. DON’T DO IT! Don’t stop! This story is only a very brief synopsis of the last leg of our journey toward parenthood. I understand your pain. If you endure, the day will come when you say “It was all worth it!”. I understand there’s no guarantee of it turning out the way you hope. But, if you continue, you’ll know you gave it everything. You may not believe it now, but there is a peace in that. My first round of IVF resulted in a pregnancy that I later miscarried. I had already been through a lot by then, and I was traumatized. It was years before I could be convinced to try again. And, even then, it was with protest! I’m so grateful for the circle of support I had around me to help me through the process, meltdowns and all! I’m so grateful for my cheerleaders who encouraged me to keep going, and especially for the word of God, which helped me to trust in the Lord through my pain. So, find your cheerleaders! Get close. Devour the scriptures as you pursue this dream! God will be with you. And that is everything. #endometriosis #brownfertility #ivf #testtubebaby #joshua1verse9 #godisfaithful #worthit

1 thought on “Worth It!”

  1. Wow as always Ashley your words are so encouraging. The way you write captures the reader and pulls us in, what a great place to hang out awhile and read! Keep writing I love your stories!


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